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Joseph Group corporate action plan for combatting the global pandemic that is Covid-19

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The ongoing crisis has impacted public lives, the corporate world, and global economy with an inconceivable magnitude – compelling it all to a sudden halt.

Businesses and organizations have had to assess the hazard, and adopt precautionary and preventive measures to ensure general safety of employees in an integrated manner that minimizes risks and facilitates business continuity and community stability.

With various measures put in place throughout their offices, staff accommodation and on active work sites, Joseph Group is working towards curtailing the infection while sustaining a running company.

Notable measures include:

  • Awareness programs being conducted, and staff distribution being evaluated

  • Remote working being implemented, with only set margin of employees working from office

  • Scheduling of work hours to avoid over-crowding

  • Thermal detection devices being utilized prior to entry
  • Automated disinfection booths being installed
  • 3D printed face shields being provided for security personnel and cleaners

  • Sanitizer dispensers being provided at various points throughout the premise

  • Disinfecting & sanitization services being carried out at all levels throughout the premise on a frequent basis

  • Masks and gloves being provided for employees
  • Social distancing being maintained throughout the premise, including in company vehicles and at the canteen/mess

  • Tank cleaning operations being carried out at a more frequent basis

  • Water filters being changed at a more frequent basis
  • Disposable plates/cups/utensils being provided in canteen/mess

  • Parcel service being provided for employees
  • Attendance punching systems being denied
  • Finger print access requirement being eased
  • Out-pass arrangements being restricted
  • Sanitization of all company vehicles

In addition to a systemized and monitored crisis management, an active response and recovery management system has also been implemented.

Quarantined personnel are being isolated in wards and are provided with required medication, vitamins, and facilities to ensure their health, safety and comfort is prioritised during their recovery stage.

Currently, the best-case scenario for businesses is to approach the disaster head-on and adapt itself to a new normal while working towards a sustainable and efficient contingency plan as is being highlighted at Joseph Group.

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