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English Español Bosnia's first public CNG filling station opens in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Canton plans to have a public CNG filling station in all its four municipalities.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Sarajevo Canton has rolled out the first public compressed natural gas filling station in Bosnia following a 1.9 million marka ($1.1 million) investment, reports See News.

The new CNG site has been financed mainly by the Sarajevo Canton's transport ministry - 1.6 million marka ($900.000) -, and the remainder was provided by local utility KJKP Sarajevogas, according to a cantonal government’s press release.

The goal is for all municipalities in Sarajevo Canton to have a public CNG filling station, announced Sarajevo Canton's Prime Minister, Mario Nenadic.

Sarajevo Canton is one of the 10 cantons within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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