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English Español Spain: HAM adds dual CNG pump in Villareal

Grupo HAM is adding a dual CNG filling point in a gas station offering so far LNG for trucks and heavy vehicles.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Grupo HAM, in partnership with NUPPEC Logística S.L., has expanded a refueling station located in Villareal, Spain, with the installation of a double compressed natural gas (CNG) pump for the supply of cars, light duty vehicles and trucks. The gas station opened last year and was the first in the area to offer LNG to trucks and heavy duty vehicles.

The refueling station is located on the Vila-Real-Onda road, Castellón, on an important transport axis formed by Villareal, Onda and Alcora, connecting the entire Mediterranean coast from the French border to Algeciras.

The gas station is publicly accessible and accepts payments with any credit or debit card. Companies and self-employed people can use the HAM card for professionals.

Grupo HAM currently operates 50 service stations, both permanent and mobile, throughout Spain and at strategic points in Europe.

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