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English Español Русский AdBlue® by BASF

AdBlue® by BASF is the best AdBlue produced only from hot melt urea in a dedicated facility.

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It is recommended by major diesel engine manufacturers. The use of AdBlue® by BASF ensures that the duration of the SCR after-treatment system is equivalent or superior to that one of the vehicle.

10 litre cans with protected and dedicated spout for each individual can:

  • Can with double label
  • Single batch number stamped on each container
  • Nr 90 cans per pallet for a total of 900 litres/pallet
  • Specific spout for each can
  • New wood pallet

205 litre drum (4 drums pallet) 1,000 litre IBC (plastic IBC with wood pallet ). Every drum and every IBC is accompanied by a certificate of analysis of the product contained to safeguard the buyer

Gravity kit  - Manual pump - Electric pump
Use only approved and dedicated objects to guarantee proper functioning of the AdBlue® system

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