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A digitized Project Management application for Petroleum RVI roll-outs

Joseph Group introduces PSGAR (Production Sizes, Graphics and Artwork Request), an RVI project management app

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Joseph Group delivered one of its milestone projects – OLA Energy re-branding, involving 1000+ service stations across 18 countries in Africa. A project of its dimension and magnitude entails intensive project management – requiring streamlined communication between all parties involved, and the necessity for data and approvals to be accessible globally on a real-time basis.

Our 40+ years of industry experience in manufacturing, logistics and installation of RVI elements for Petroleum roll-outs has been concentrated into a single platform in the form of PSGAR.

PSGAR is an acronym for Production Sizes, Graphics and Artwork Request. It is an RVI project management app, was designed and developed by CX Unicorn, a Joseph Group company, to efficiently digitize and offer a 360° view of the processes involved from capturing site data to installation. The application is a customizable, intuitive and comprehensive platform that covers all the aspects of project management of an RVI roll-out.

Application Strategy

Using the customized RVI project management application, retailers can now track, manage and analyse project workflows in few clicks, with no paperwork.

Application Benefits

  • Digitized workflow and mapping
  • Real-time cost estimates
  • Single platform for RVI project management
  • User-level access controls
  • Global accessibility
  • Data security and back-ups
  • Real-time progress updates
  • Process automation that reduces operating costs
  • Saves time & drives efficiencies
  • Transparency
  • Accurate data management
  • No paperwork, fully digitized solution
  • One-click communication

Application Modules

The PSGAR application has modules customized to handle each individual section of the Project Management process.

Identification of RVI Requirements:

Every detail of the brand’s RVI (Retail Visual Identity) requirement is collected from site

Cost Estimation:

Estimated costs for the retailer is calculated and budget approvals are obtained prior to the commissioning of the project

Workflow and Supplier Management:

A pre-defined workflow is set, and the detailed requirements and processes are submitted for review and approval

Automated Artwork Design:

Artworks are system-generated using algorithms that increase accuracy and reduce turnaround time

Tracking of Production:

Production timelines and progress updates are available to the retailer and the project management team through a user-friendly dashboard

Shipping Details:

Required details for shipping can be added, and the status of the shipment and its tracking are made available

Addition of Clearing and Installation Agents:

Clearing agents and installation agencies can be added to the project management workflow as per the retailer’s preference

Collecting Feedback on the Additional Services:

Service experience of various local vendors utilized by the retailer for a project can be input for future reference while commissioning of the project

The application, in conclusion, has been developed as an intelligent and efficient solution for not just the challenges that may arise during the execution of extensive, layered projects, but also as a tool to strengthen connectivity, ensure accuracy, and ease the management process, right from the initial stage the contract has been awarded.

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