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English Español Spain: HAM Group opens new gas filling station in Irun

With the opening of this new CNG-LNG refueling station, HAM Group operates a network of 70 sites located in Spain and across Europe.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

HAM Criogénica, a leading company in the LNG sector integrated in HAM Group, has opened a new CNG-LNG refueling station in Irun, Basque Country. The new gas filling station, located next to the AP-8 or Cantabrian Highway, is the result of an agreement between HAM Group and Transordizia, a leading company in the international transport of industrial vehicles and buses.

The refueling station has a double liquefied natural gas dispenser for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, and a double compressed natural gas dispenser for the supply of cars, light-duty vehicles and trucks. The facility has a capacity to store 80.000 liters of LNG and 3.000 liters CNG cylinders.

The new CNG-LNG refueling station works around-the-clock throughout the whole year, and access is completely free. The site accepts payments with any credit or debit card, and HAM Group also offers the possibility of using the HAM card for professionals.

With the opening of this new gas filling station in Irun, HAM Group operates a wide network of 70 refueling stations, including fixed and mobile locations, spread throughout Spain and in main strategic points of Europe.

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