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Bertotto Boglione: creative solutions without borders

Companies that export products and services are a fundamental link in the development of the company. In a context like the present one, in which conditions have changed, those that propose innovative solutions and that allow to guarantee the continuity of their work in a safe way are those who stand out.

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Behind each business there are various strategic processes to reach the main commercial partners. Taking advantage of opportunities in the most efficient way is one of the biggest challenges for companies offering their products to those who demand them. With the contribution of new technologies, knowledge and experience, they become a fundamental part of the work that requires research and development to generate new value chains through various production circuits.

Bertotto Boglione thinks about the future at the hands of their most important allies. Based on the whole range of products it manufactures, the brand keeps its activities running to guarantee a quick response to the need to continue production worldwide. Founded in 1948, it specializes in industries such as Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Mining, among others.

Leader in providing solutions for storage among which plastic and steel tanks stand out, Bertotto Boglione offers quality in its products with options for all activities. In the constant search for innovation, it diversifies its production and manufactures portable fuel stations, equipped with high added value and technology of last generation used in regions that do not have a conventional petrol station nearby or in activities such as public works.

In addition to offering reliable designs and equipment, the company strictly adheres to ISO 9001 standards and UL product certification and manufacturing under globally recognized licenses. With standards used at a global level, the company is a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute and the Association of Rotational Molders and participates in important tenders serving transnational fuel trading companies, chemical, food and mining industries.

"The products we are exporting are quite varied. From underground tanks with international standards for service stations with their accessories for small and large oil companies, portable fuel stations in different models and configurations, also polyethylene tanks for different uses and a wide range of special products for the mining industry, power generators and road companies such as fuel distribution plants and equipment for supply to fleets of each of these industries," said Carlos Rubbi, head of foreign trade for the firm.

With vocation and commitment, he managed to obtain registration as an exporter in 1950 and thus obtain presence in foreign markets, benefiting from modern options in terms of current logistics and the advance of communications. Currently, its main destinations are countries in South America, the Caribbean, Central America and Africa, including Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Panama, Bahamas, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius.

"We are always looking for new markets, taking up some of those we have closed deals with and trying to diversify those markets with other products, as is the case of Peru and several African countries," said Rubbi.

The company has now expanded its range and is exporting to non-traditional destinations such as the Panama Canal, Bermuda, the Turk & Caicos Islands and Aruba and Jamaica.

Although the different industries are going through a complicated present in the framework of the global pandemic by COVID-19 and Argentina is one of the countries in the region that are going through this situation, the focus is on foreign business because it is one of the tools that allow maintaining the level of income.

"Undoubtedly the context has mainly influenced the delay of some of our clients' projects. However, in some regions, some projects have been continued and we have been able to keep closing several operations that are as important to us as they are to our customers," he confirmed.

Ensuring environmental commitment is one of the main missions of a company that works for the satisfaction of all its customers. That is why Bertotto Boglione develops products with the best quality and with the responsibility that marks its trajectory, guaranteed by standards and certifications present in the national and international oil market.

"We develop new products that the industry needs and look for new customers in different regions to make them known, trying to improve costs and logistics, to reach those new markets," concluded Rubbi.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Bertotto Boglione provides creative solutions for the global market, supported by the satisfaction of its customers and partners. With responsibility for each one of the products that enters the market, it has the fundamental tools so that the work is developed in an effective and efficient way in any part of the world.

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