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English Español USA: SPATCO to offer Leighton O’Brien’s fuel cleaning solution

SPATCO extends its agreement with Leighton O’Brien to deliver its fuel cleaning and polishing technology to customers in the North and South Carolina region.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

SPATCO Energy Solutions, a leading supplier of liquid handling equipment and service for the petroleum industry, has extended its agreement with Leighton O’Brien to deliver its patented fuel cleaning and polishing technology.

SPATCO’s first fuel cleaning and polishing system will be available for customers in the North and South Carolina region starting in September 2020.

The agreement expands SPATCO’s suite of Leighton O’Brien’s technologies including UST compliance testing to potential integrity risk and water intrusion.

“This partnership expands our national network of 20 fuel cleaning distributor service locations, confirming our market position as the largest fuel cleaning company throughout the Unites States,” said Leigton O’Brien Vice President of Fuel Cleaning and Polishing, Brian Solomon.

SPATCO continues to broaden is portfolio of services to retail and commercial fueling sites throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

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