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New whitepaper: Data communication 4.0 connects the downstream supply chain

Today downstream companies face many crucial challenges: an increasingly fragmented supply chain, with new players constantly entering the market and specialist suppliers appearing, requires a completely new way of working together. Even today, the value chain consists of a multitude of units, each of which speaks its own language.

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New opportunities for collaboration are emerging in digitization: highly efficient and integrated IT solutions connect all supply chain participants in next to no time at all, and translate their languages fully automated. Operating the systems in the cloud also makes them future-proof: integrating additional players is no longer a challenge.

In a current whitepaper, Implico's downstream IT experts present new ways of connectivity. First of all, they answers the question why high-performance data exchange plays a vital role in today's downstream industry. Practical customer case studies further show the competitive advantages that a well-curated, standardized information transfer can already bring to companies today. Finally, the experts introduce the data communication portfolio iGOS, which enables smooth and secure data exchange within the downstream supply chain.

In a nutshell, the free whitepaper shows you the next steps on your digital journey: Explore the latest technologies and services that can seamlessly connect your systems with those of your customers, suppliers and partners today.

You can download the whitepaper “Your Guide to Next-gen Data Communication for Downstream: How new technologies and services will boost your cooperation” here at any time and for free:


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