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English Español DISA Group acquires PRIO's fuel business in Portugal

The Spanish energy group expands their presence in Portugal with 247 service stations, 190 electric recharging points, a storage facility and a biodiesel production facility.

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The DISA Group and the investment fund Oxy Capital have reached an agreement for the purchase and sale of the energy company PRIO in Portugal. Through the purchase, DISA adds 247 service stations in Portugal and 190 EV points.

Pending approval of the operation by the regulatory authorities, DISA acquires the network of service stations, the storage terminal and the biodiesel plant, the latter two located in Aveiro.

The expansion of DISA's business in Portugal is part of the geographic growth strategy launched three years ago.

"It was then that we set out to take beyond the borders of Spain the experience and knowledge that, as an independent leader in the Spanish market, we have accumulated over 86 years of activity in the energy sector, always acting with criteria of sustainability, with a great capacity to adapt to the needs and demands of society and the economy as a whole," the company said in a press release.

Of the 247 stations that form PRIO’s network, 98 are company-managed and 149 are managed by third parties through exclusive flagship and supply agreements. This extensive network has 88 convenience stores, the third largest in the country, 20 car washes, and the marketing of bottled LPG and lubricants.

In addition to the supply of conventional fuels, gasoline, diesel and autogas, there are 190 electric recharge points installed.

The business activities acquired by DISA include supplies and trading in Portugal, as well as a fuel storage terminal.

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