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English Deutsch Français OpenTAS – The administration and automation system for the Oil & Gas Industry

OpenTAS optimizes and automizes the logistic and administrative processes within the oil & gas downstream industry (tank farms, refineries), especially in terms of terminal management, transportation, distribution and service station replenishment.

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OpenTAS ensures rapid, transparent, secure and above all cost beneficial processes. The IT landscape is simplified, IT and maintenance costs are reduced and the TAS system is seamlessly integrated into SAP providing real time data from the tank to the final delivery point.   

Key Benefits at a glance

  • Reduces operating costs, manpower and time
    Optimization & automation of logistic and administrative business processes in terms of terminal management in order to reduce time, costs & manpower
  • Achieves excellent distribution performance
    Providing clear visibility of the distribution processes.Outstanding: integration of all means of
    transportation at all levels automation; transportation planning
  • Simplifies IT-landscape, solves communication and interface problems
    Development of an extremely narrow solution landscape, abolishing island solutions & minimizing
  • Optimizes Supply Chain and increases profits
    Integrated supply chain management processes (distribution, terminal and transportation), a multilocation supply chain network, and multinational capabilities
  • Increases security and achieves regulatory consistency
    Ensured compliance to legislation and safety regulations; SOX compliance certification possible; risk minimization

The new release OpenTAS 5.0 offers you many great improvements and some entirely new functionality:

  • Simplified tank terminal object management
  • User-defined program windows (customer-specific .NET development)
  • Support for EMCS 2.0
  • Report management in OpenTAS database
  • New set of standard processing reports
  • Management of OpenTAS BDP services integrated into OpenTAS client
  • Improved OpenTAS web terminal
  • Numerous improvements to OpenTAS Automation
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems

Primary Distribution
OpenTAS supports all means of transport in the primary supply process. Extensive checks ensure, for example, that the requirements for dangerous goods transport are met, and they protect against overloading.

Terminal Management (OpenTAS TMS)
OpenTAS TMS enables tank farm operators to process tank trucks automatically, including access control, load planning, loading and printing delivery notes. This makes it possible to operate tank farms cost-efficiently around the clock. In addition to tank truck loading, OpenTAS can handle the loading processes of other methods of transport, such as ships, railroad tank cars and pipelines.

Secondary Distribution (OpenTAS RDM)
OpenTAS RDM (Replenishment & Distribution Management) as a special solution for oil logistic contributes to intelligent industry-specific procedures. It offers all the functionalities to optimize and automate the complete service station supply. This leads to higher performance and quality and minimizes logistic expenses.

Further moduls of OpenTAS:

OpenTAS BDP (Business Data Processor) is an innovative system enabling high end & highly integrated communication processes.

It can function as a stand-alone system that integrates the business processes of your field based systems (e.g. SCADA, TAS, Cardlock, etc.). Or it can integrate your field systems into your company’s ERP or another back-office system. OpenTAS BDP was especially developed for the Oil & Gas Industry.

With OpenTAS NET (Net Production) you always have an overview of the net production in your refinery. The system analyzes the tank stocks as well as input and output. The product flow is calculated from these measurements; reports show you the exact daily, weekly and monthly balance. This pragmatic approach delivers comprehensive, easily accessible and fast results. 

OpenTAS QCM (Quantity Conversion Module) offers a proven, precise and extremely flexible set of functions for quantity conversion.

This standardized solution is highly cost-effective in terms of both procurement and maintenance. Accessed via RFC (Remote Function Call), OpenTAS QCM works as an integral part of ERP/SAP systems and industry solutions such as SAP IS Oil and SAP OGSD (Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution).

Frost & Sullivan Award for Implico´s downstream solutions Due to the industry specialization, Implico has been developed to a market leader. This caused that Implico is the recipient of 2011 "Global Customer Value Enhancement Award " from Frost & Sullivan. The global business research company thus recognizes the role that Implico’s integrated, high-end software products play in creating direct added value for its customers, who thereby secure competitive advantages. Implico is the recipient in the category "Downstream Distribution Automation Solutions for Oil and Gas industry". One of the reasons of its choice is justified by the industry solution OpenTAS which makes it possible to reduce operating expenses by up to 25 per cent.

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