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Joseph Group in the Middle East petroleum sector

Approved signage and branding partners with fuel retailers since the 1900s

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Pivotal in the transformation and development of the region, the oil and gas industry are synonymous with the Middle East. The thriving Petroleum sector within the industry is solidified each year by rising consumer numbers, contributing to the constant requirement for new and cutting-edge filling and service stations.

With top 3 fuel retailers ADNOC, ENOC and Emarat holding the market share in UAE, there are constant roll-outs of stations every quarter. For companies like Joseph Group, who are trusted and approved signage partners for all 3 fuel retailers, this means consistent signage and re-branding roll-outs.

Joseph Group has been supplying signage for the Petroleum sector since the 1990s. The company has evolved along with the advancements in the industry, developing their manufacturing capabilities and technical skillset into the powerhouse it is today.

There have been big changes in the sector when it comes to retailing and signage, and the Group has constantly progressed and moulded to the requirements of today.

  • Manufacturers used to use fluorescent tubes for illumination of signs, now LEDs - a more cost effective, durable, maintenance-free and safe solution are preferred

  • Usage of acrylic and polycarbonate on sign faces has also been reduced as retailers now opt for aluminium composite panels and flex substrate instead

  • Keen to be more engaging and interactive with their customers, fuel retailers now consider dynamic platforms trendy and attractive. Customized digital solutions like digital signages are offered to provide the engagement demanded

  • LED screens are installed on forecourt canopy columns, or outside and inside convenience stores, providing an added revenue stream for fuel stations, who use these to advertise their own promotions or rent out the space to other brands for marketing

  • Engaging atmospheres are created for visitors through custom themed stations

With 850,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, 1700+ employees, top-tier machineries, state-of-the-art technologies, and competent project management teams, the Group is equipped to handle every component of a petrol station roll-out. Contributing to roughly 60% of the Group’s signage business, the fuel retail sector is separated from the other industry verticals by the magnitude of the roll-outs possible. With 2 factories exclusively dedicated for the manufacturing of fuel station signages, and web-based project management applications developed to carry out roll-outs efficiently, the variation in the products and services offered are abundant.

Joseph Group’s USP is the custom and innovative solutions that it brings to the Petroleum sector. It can diverge from attractive LED illuminated 3D signs, cutting-edge digital signs, unique material options and finishes, to advanced 3D printing & prototyping of signage mock-ups and profiles.

Quality signage solutions in short turnaround periods with dedicated service has shaped Joseph Group to achieve its spot as Middle East’s largest and most reliable signage partner in the highly competitive Petroleum industry. The Group is now looking at establishing itself further in a similar extent across Africa and Europe as well.

An overview of its achievements can be comprehended through the quantity and magnitude of executed projects across the region. Visit

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