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English Español South Korea: New hydrogen station opens in Sejong

The new site in Sejong Government Complex is Hyundai’s second hydrogen filling station built at a major facility.

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The special purpose corporation Hydrogen Energy Network (HyNet) has opened a new hydrogen filling station in Sejong, South Korea. Located at the Sejong Government Complex, the new hydrogen station is Hyundai’s second hydrogen location built at a major facility.

The site will have the capacity to fill 60 cars a day, and it is scheduled to operate 12 hours a day from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday.

“We hope that the hydrogen charging station built at the government’s Sejong building, which is the centre of the administration of our country, will serve as an opportunity to resolve vague anxiety about hydrogen and change public awareness of safety,” said Deputy Minister for Environment, Hong Jeong-ki.

At present there are 45 hydrogen charging stations in South Korea. The Government plans to build 310 sites by 2022.

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