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English Español Amazon launches a hand scanner for 'secure' payments

Two Amazon Go stored will trial the new payment method that uses an image of the palm to create a unique visual identity.

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Amazon’s physical retail team has introduced a new innovation called Amazon One. The new method is a contactless way for people to use their palm to make everyday activities like paying at a store, presenting a loyalty card, entering a location like a stadium, or badging into work more effortless. The service is designed to be highly secure and uses custom-built algorithms and hardware to create a person’s unique palm signature.

Customers can use Amazon One as an entry option at two of Amazon Go stores in Seattle. It takes less than a minute to sign up using an Amazon One device. The first step is to insert a credit card, then hover your palm over the device and follow the prompts to associate that card with the unique palm signature being built by the computer vision technology in real time.

“We believe Amazon One has broad applicability beyond our retail stores, so we also plan to offer the service to third parties like retailers, stadiums, and office buildings so that more people can benefit from this ease and convenience in more places,” says Amazon in a blog post.

The technology evaluates multiple aspects of the palm.

“No two palms are alike, so we analyze all these aspects with our vision technology and select the most distinct identifiers on your palm to create your palm signature.”

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