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ASIS Automation invested heavily in R&D and created COVID19 related Safety Systems

ASIS continues to make a difference with its advanced R&D Team. ASIS Innovation Committee came up with an idea to create hygiene products to have another approach to its vision and products. After doing some research committed to creating hygiene products needed for most business partners, ASIS consolidated the importance of its employees and human health.

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One of the new products is Thermogate®, Infrared Body Temperature Detection System. It is a 32-point precision IR thermometer designed for measuring the temperature of the human body and screening people who have a fever.

In epidemic diseases such as coronavirus, the determination of body temperature is an important indicator of the virus where the density of personnel is high. The human fever measurement devices used in the market cause serious time loss in single measurements and ineffective controls are carried out. ASIS has developed Thermogate® product for the concept of providing psychological support for people entering the indoor area and prestige to your company.

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The other product is the RPC Room Personnel Counting System. It counts and manages people entering and leaving closed areas, without error. Thanks to the RPC system developed by ASIS, people entering and leaving any closed areas (such as a gas station's shop and toilet entrances-exits, office, meeting room, dining hall, store, locker room, factory, public transportation, etc.) can be counted. Even if the closed area to be counted has multiple entrances, RPC can accomplish its task. With this system installed at every entrance and exit, it is possible to know the exact number of people in that area.

The system is designed to be much more economical than its counterparts, and it works both individually (without software support) or can be monitored and managed centrally.

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While creating these products, ASIS R&D Team was dedicated to creating more affordable and easy-to-use products to help protect human health.

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