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English Español Neste expands mobile payment services to the Baltics

With a surge in mobile payments all across the Baltic region, Lithuanian users can now access the Neste App.

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Neste expands mobile payment services to the Baltics with their Neste App now available in Lithuania.

The app was launched on the Finnish market in 2017 anf it was introduced to Estonia and Latvia earlier this year.

“The ease of making payments is playing an increasingly central role in the customer experience today. For example, with the Neste App, you can conveniently pay for refuelling and car washing without getting out of the car,” says Dennis Stolt, Head of Digital Development, Marketing & Services, Neste. 

One in four Finns uses mobile payments more actively  

In September 2020, Neste conducted a survey among a thousand Finns. The results show that nearly 40% use mobile payments in their daily lives for example for online shopping or money transfer. Ease of payment is the most important factor in increasing the use of mobile payments among people aged under 35 years. The prevailing corona situation has also increased mobile payments.

“As many as 27% of those who responded to our survey making mobile payments say that the corona situation has had either a significant or somewhat more frequent effect of choosing a phone as their primary payment method. Almost 42% of those who pay for car refuelling with a mobile phone use this payment method more often than before. A recent study, World Payments Report**, also shows that the use of digital payment channels has increased by 53% due to the prevailing corona situation. According to the study more than a third of credit card owners have added their cards to a mobile wallet. With the Neste App, we can offer a secure and convenient payment method, that further reduces card and cash payments,” Stolt says.

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