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The safe, contactless way to enjoy coffee

Ordering a beverage from a coffee machine in a self-service area without having to touch any buttons or displays? With the new Franke Touchless web application, customers can select and order a drink incredibly easily using their own mobile phones.

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Distance and caution are the current top priorities in all walks of life. This also applies to surfaces that are touched by a number of people, such as displays on coffee machines in self-service areas. These must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. To err on the side of caution and to make sure that coffee lovers can order their beverage of choice without touching a machine, Franke Coffee Systems has added an essential function to their Digital Services range: Franke Touchless. This new web application makes it possible for customers to choose their beverage safely and conveniently using their own smartphone.

Contactless product selection

It's almost unbelievably easy – the customer uses the mobile phone camera to scan a QR code on the fully automatic coffee machine touch screen. This opens the Franke web application on the customer's own mobile phone, which displays the available coffee beverages. The customer then selects a product and confirms his beverage order. All the customer needs to order safely and easily is a smartphone with a camera and an internet connection. This contactless ordering solution poses no issues when it comes to data protection law, either. Users do not need to register or install a specific app in order to use the Franke Touchless function, which means that users remain anonymous and leave no personal data behind. Of course, beverages can still be selected in the traditional  way, using the touch screen, which functions in parallel with contactless operation.

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