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English Español Hyliion announces partnership with American Natural Gas

ANG also executes pre-order agreement to purchase up to 250 Hypertruck ERX vehicles.

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Hyliion Inc. and American Natural Gas, Inc. (ANG) announced a partnership that offers Hyliion customers discounted pricing for renewable natural gas (RNG) at ANG stations across the country.

ANG has also agreed to build new fuelling stations near Hyliion’s customer locations with no upfront capital costs to qualifying customers.

Hyliion and ANG also entered into a sales agreement that includes a pre-order of up to 250 Hypertruck ERX vehicles, allowing for early availability of Hyliion’s fully electric powertrain to ANG and its fleet customers. Using RNG, the Hypertruck ERX is an electric solution for Class 8 vehicles that offers a net-negative carbon emissions.

“As a leading supplier of RNG, we are committed to helping our customers—which include more than 200 fleets and several of the nation’s largest fleets—choose greener, more efficient fuel alternatives while improving the overall fueling experience for drivers across the country,” said Drew West, CEO and founder of ANG. “With the Hypertruck ERX, fleets can leverage RNG—the least carbon-intensive alternative fuel—to reduce their carbon footprint, achieve corporate sustainability goals and realize critical cost savings.”

Through the partnership agreement, ANG will provide Hyliion’s qualifying Hypertruck ERX customers with a fueling station upon request at no upfront capital cost to the fleet.

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