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English Español Spain: Repsol opens two NGV stations

The two locations, one in Hernani and another in Mérida, are strategic points for road transport in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Repsol has expanded its network of NGV supply points in Spain with the opening of two new LNG/CNG gas filling stations in Hernani (Basque Country) and Mérida (Extremadura), reports Redacción Interempresas. The two locations are strategic points for road transportation in the Iberian Peninsula.

Hernani has become a strategic refuelling point in the Atlantic Corridor, which runs from the Spanish border with France to Galicia. The new site in Mérida consolidates the city as a main stop on the green transport route between Madrid and Lisbon.

Repsol plans to strengthen its natural gas vehicle supply network through the progressive development of a CNG/LNG network across the main transport corridors of the Iberian Peninsula. The signing of its recent agreement with Nortegas will help accelerate the implementation roadmap.

European funding and NGV in Spain

The new gas filling stations in Hernani and Merida have been supported by the European Eco-Gate project, a European Union 10 million euros worth funding initiative to promote CNG and LNG mobility. This project includes the construction of 21 gas filling stations in Germany (1), France (1), Portugal (6) and Spain (13).

Over 28,000 NGV vehicles are currently registered in Spain; of which around 4.400 units were registered in 2020 only, according to Repsol.

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