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Wolftank Adisa GmbH launches its industrial hole sealing kit

Wolftank Adisa GmbH, the Austrian team of the Wolftank-Adisa Group, presents its industrial hole repair kit, which is able to seal leakages in tanks and vessels very quickly and easily in order to avoid significant interruptions of operation.

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The company, located in Innsbruck, has always been focused on innovation: its in-house developed coating products or its double wall tank lining system (DOPA®) are only just a pair of examples of its wide portfolio, mostly composed of proprietary-developed products.

Now, joining this innovation awareness and its solid knowledge in tank lining and tank maintenance, the company has taken a step forward by developing a new product which can turn out to be essential for the sector, as it repairs and fixes holes with a very simple application.

But what is exactly the industrial hole sealing kit? How can it be applied?

The industrial hole repair and its application process:

The industrial hole sealing kit allows to completely fix a hole in a steel tank or vessel, as well as repair a crack in a fibreglass containment… and just in 4 hours.

It combines high-performing epoxy coating technologies with surface preparation liquids, by providing an immediate and sustainable sealing and offering excellent results. Its application achieves the same effects, in terms of integrity, as the traditional welding work. How can it be? Very simple, tests showed that the innovative EPOFLEX® SK sealant and the EPOFLEX® 6N Laminate as top-layer were the perfect mixture. Observing the results after applying it, the efficiency of this combination is evident. 

Its application process does not take long time. It requires, as usual, the surface preparation. The next steps, being the sealing and the lamination part can be done very quickly and with total safety for the customer. The following video perfectly shows the procedure which can be carried out by any technician following the installation procedure without special pre-experience.

Industrial hole sealing kit process application


There are many advantages that the hole repair kit brings to the market:

  1. It is resistant to regular fuels, biofuels, chemicals, and industrial water.
  2. It is very easy-to-use and does not require specific training for its application.
  3. It allows quick reaction in case a leakage occurs, avoiding further environmental pollution from spilling liquids.
  4. No hot works are required for the reparation procedure.
  5. It is solvent-free and non-flammable.
  6. It avoids hot works, reducing the risk for operations and minimizing the effort.

Its utilization in the service station sector:

Two main problems lead to the interruption of operations for underground tanks in gas stations: for FRP tanks the formation of cracks due to fatigue and chemical softening are often observed,  and for steel tanks holes are formed by pit corrosion as well from outside as from inside.

The hole repair kit is designed to solve easily and quickly both of these problems.

In case there is a leak, a crack or maybe a small damage, the immediate appliance with the hole repair kit can easily anticipate and solve bigger problems and risks. It can be used on internal surfaces (like tank walls), but also externally, if the confined space is accessible (like, for example, pipes). The damage is quickly restored, and there is no additional work required.

Especially for the gas station sector, the industrial hole repair kit has been launched with two different versions:

  1. One designed for empty steel containments which have holes due to pit corrosion, antibacterial corrosion or corrosion phenomena attributed to bio-fuel attacks and contact with chemical corrosives.
  2. Another one focusing on fibreglass containments, which present cracks where their structural properties are lost.

There is no doubt that this product release represents a new solution for the market and offers an answer to the needs of many customers. And this is actually the purpose of innovation: to offer a solution to people’s problems!

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