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3D CalibeX® - FIRST and ONLY in the World!

ASIS Leads the Way in Fuel Tank Laser Calibration and Imaging Technology! 3D Laser Calibration Technology is one of a kind in the World!

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3D CalibeX® - FIRST and ONLY in the World!

Developing innovative solutions and products that provide added value to the fuel industry with its R&D operations, ASIS continues to expand its product range.

Offering complete filling station solutions for the fuel sector in the national and international markets since its incorporation, ASIS already expanded its product range with the 3D CalibeX®.

Developed as a result of the comprehensive R&D operations carried out over 3 years and setting back millions of Dollars, the 3D CalibeX® allows determination of all inner dimensions of fuel tanks in 3D using a special laser system. The calibration robot 3D CalibeX® is capable of creating all mathematical models of fuel tanks. Thus, the volume of the fuel contained in tanks can be accurately and clearly calculated. Fuel stations know the current total amount of fuel remaining in their underground tanks owing to this accuracy and speed. Furthermore, the system generates data conforming to the Inspection and Auditing Communiqué of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey (EPDK).

General Specifications of 3D CalibeX® Laser Tank Calibration Technology:

  • CalibeX® will calibrate most gas station tanks
  • Calibration in 30 min
  • Capable of operating through only 2” sleeve owing to its laser calibration and imaging technology
  • Easy to install and use, highly mobile(75x15x15cm)
  • Tank does not have to be full or totally empty for calibration
  • Tank’s; length, height, Radius, inclanation and overall volume per mm/inch will be measured
  • Tank must be max 25% full before calibration
  • ATEX approved Laser Technology
  • Meets all Environmental, Safety and Health (EHS) criteria
  • % 0,5 accuracy in volume calculation (by VSL Dutch Metrology Institute and NMi evaluation results)
  • ± 0,1° accuracy in inclination measurements (by VSL Dutch Metrology Institute and NMi evaluation results).

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