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Tesla Motors expands ‘supercharging’ stations network

Tesla Motors Inc is expanding their charging station network in the state of Washington with the construction of a new Supercharger station in Kennewick, reports the Tri-city Herald.

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Electric vehicle (EV) Model S owners will be soon be able to charge-up their cars while passing through the Tri-cities area. The new station will have eight ‘superchargers’ from Tesla Motors, which provide 170 miles of driving range after a 30 minute charge-up. 

“We place Superchargers along major corridors that our customers often travel and that connect city centers. Located at the intersection of a number of major highways, the Kennewick station links I-84 and I-90 routes and unlocks travel to popular vacation destinations” said Tesla spokesperson Alexis Georgeson, according to the Tri-city Herald.

Tesla Motors supercharge stations are usually located near service areas where drivers can have a coffee, a bite to eat or use a Wi-fi connection while their EVs power-up.

“Tesla is very focused on providing free long-distance travel across the country,” added Georgeson.

The Tesla Model S has a range of 270 miles on full charge, according to the company. The company now has a network of 495 supercharger stations across the United States with an estimated 2,790 superchargers. 

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