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New gas stations in Colorado will sell marijuana

Come October drivers passing by Colorado Springs will be able to buy medical marijuana while filling up their vehicles. A dispensary called Native Roots is set to open two Gas and Grass stations next month.

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These Gas and Grass filling stations will be the first of their kind, and have sparked up a debate over how convenient the combination of medical marijuana and refuelling your vehicle is, reported ABC News.

Only patients with the appropriate card will be able to buy marijuana from Gas and Grass, while the rest of the service station will be like any other, according to the company.

“We figured this gave the opportunity to potentially take a stop off their trips and give them one more opportunity to shop with us.” said Native Roots Spokesman Dave Cuesta.

State laws prohibits consumption of the substance in public spaces and stores, meaning patients will only be able to buy it there.

The two locations will have separate entrances for people who want to buy fuel and those who want to buy marijuana.

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