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Germany: First gas station controlled entirely through the cloud

Earlier this month the first service station to be completely controlled from the cloud was launched at a JET gas station in Hamburg.

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Through this system, gas station operators will be able to handle forecourt status and fuel transactions remotely and efficiently. A simple tablet can be used as the main POS equipment at a site.

“The cloud-based automatized solution makes gas stations cheaper to run and more fault tolerant,” says Niels Bengtsson, CEO at CODAB, a producer of gas station management systems which, together with JET, LS Retail and T-Systems, designed and implemented the groundbreaking system.

According to Christian Lester, Technical Director at CODAB, the JET gas station in Hamburg is running smoothly during its first weeks, showing positive results with a high number of customers and transactions.

LS Retail, a developer of management software for retail and hospitality, believes this is a model many gas stations across the world will eventually follow.

“The cloud model enables gas station managers to take faster and smarter business decisions, giving them unprecedented adaptability to change,” said Magnus Norddahl, CEO at LS Retail.

Meanwhile, the fuel retailer in charge of implementing this project at a gas station, JET Tankstellen,   conceives the new cloud-based system as the first step towards the next generation of petrol stations.

"Our vision is to create solutions that can easily adapt to fast market changes, are cheaper to run and are more fault-tolerant,” explained Steven Waegenaer, IT Manager at JET Tankstellen.