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Fixed / mobile modular plants for the production of high quality AdBlue according to ISO 22241

The new emission limits imposed by environmental regulations, in particular in regards to NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) for diesel vehicles requires the use of increasingly sophisticated systems for emissions reduction.All new generation diesel engines for on road (trucks, commercial vehicles and cars) and off-road applications (agricultural machines, construction machines and stationary engines or genset) are provided with an SCR after-treatment system (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

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The SCR system, which allows substantial reductions in emissions, need the use of AdBlue, a particularly valuable chemical, produced with technical urea 32,5% and highly pure demi-water, as a not adequate compound would entail serious damage to decidedly expensive components.In particular, the presence of even minimal traces of heavy minerals or other pollutants within the urea solution or water would lead to a premature aging of the catalyst, i.e. the component that inside the discharge circuit promotes the chemical reaction of dissociation of the nitrogen oxides. It is therefore extremely necessary the supply of a high quality product.

Due to the fact that AdBlue is a water solution, logistics plays a very important use and account for more than 50% of the final product costs. In order to reduce this cost, especially when customers are located in remote areas, Bluebasic has developed a mobile AdBlue production plant that can be easily installed and remotely controlled in order to produce urea exactly where it is needed at a convenient price for the customers.

Bluebasic can offer a complete range of AdBlue production. Bluebasic can also provide the procedures, the technical know-how, the raw urea, the chemical analysis of the final product and all what is necessary to produce according to ISO 22241.

Bluebasic systems are modular, easy to install and with a flexible production capacity that can be sized on individual needs as indicated below:








77.000 lt


 Fixed plant


24.000 lt

 1000kg big bags

 Mobile plant


  1.800 lt

 25 kg bags

 Mobile plant


  • Easy transport because the system can easily fit in containers (1 or more according to the production capacity – even big plants are made in SKID and assembled on the spot)
  • Modular system with optimized production according to specific needs
  • Electronic control of the different of different production phases


  • The production of AdBlue in site reduces the traffic of tankers (essentially not carring water necessary for urea dissolution).
  • The AdBlue solution produced with in site water is characterized by known and repetitive grades of purity and hardness: i.e. free of any unpredictable contamination or alterations of the composition, which may result from dissolution process not directly controlled by the user.
  • The receipt of packed or bulk solid urea does not require works for containment and conveying of any incidental spills in the collection tank. Such necessary containment measures would instead be indispensable in case of continuous receipt of liquid urea solution.
  • The solid urea can be purchased at favourable conditions and stored without major consequences prior to the use.


About the company BLUEBASIC

Bluebasic thanks to its long experience in AdBlue production (certified by VDA) and distribution is able to provide not only the AdBlue production plant but also the final product both bulk or packed directly from its own production plants located in Europe, Africa and India.

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