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Indonesia: Indomaret to open 1,600 c-stores in 2016

Indonesian convenience store chain Indomaret is optimistic about the domestic economy and plans to launch 1,600 stores more next year, according to the Jakarta Post.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

Indomaret marketing director Wiwiek Yusuf is positive that retail business will grow faster next year as the economy is expected to recover.

In 2015, the c-store chain opened 1,560 outlets, which are part of its current network of 12,150 stores present in big provinces and small villages.

An Indomaret store sells up to 5,000 products and employs 8-10 people.

It aims to partner with 200 companies and expand its payment services by collaborating with universities for payment of student fees.

These development and expansion plans are part of its strategy to compete with rival c-store chain Alfamart. Alfamart has 10,000 stores and has laid out plans to open stores in the Philippines.

“Our development follows people’s changing needs, lifestyles and the country’s infrastructure as a whole. As traffic is massive here and new residences are many, we keep opening stores to cater to people’s needs near where they live or work. As people want to get more convenient meals, we also now sell ready-to-serve meals, and as they buy more products and services online, we provide payment services for those who don’t own credit cards,” he said. 

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