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Bever Innovations wants to bring LED to Africa's gas stations

LED manufacturer Bever Innovations opens branch office in Africa entering the continent's market with a focus on the petroleum industry.

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The lighting company believes that its efficient LED technology suits the needs of the African fuel retailing market, where many gas stations pursue low energy costs. 

“Over the last years we noted that oil companies in Africa, who are faced with renovating or rebuilding petrol stations, have all been embracing LED lighting from the start,” states the company in a release.

Bever Innovations believes all conventional lighting at African service stations will be replaced with LED technology within 3-5 years, opening a vast number of business opportunities for the Netherlands- based company.

“To grow our company world-wide and strengthen our position in the African market, this is a logical step in Bever Innovations’ strategy,” wrote Jeannot Bruggeling, Commercial Director of Bever Innovations.

The person in charge of the company´s business development and commercial support in African countries will be Thibaud Hacquard, who is based in Nairobi (Kenya). 

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