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Petron introduces RON100 fuel in Malaysia

Petron Malaysia Refining and Marketing Bhd have introduced premium Blaze 100 Euro 4M high-grade fuel in the Malaysian market, reported the Daily Express.

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The premium fuel is Research Octane Number (RON) 100, the highest in the market, and has exceptional resistance to “engine knocking” and improves engine efficiency, according to Faridah Ali, Petron´s Head of Retail.

Blaze 100, which complies with Euro-4M standard in the Malaysian Market, will be available at 8 Petron gas stations, with another 30 or 40 waiting for demand results to include it in its fuel offer over the next months. Petron operates a gas station network of 560 sites spread across the Asian country.

“The launch of Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4M is part of our promise to Malaysian motorists to introduce innovative fuels and services,” said Ali at a press conference.

Blaze 100 costs RM2.80 per litre ($0.63) and is produced at Petron Malaysia’s refinery in Port Dickson.

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