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Argentina: Visa, YPF deal allows cash withdrawl at gas station

Visa and Argentinean fuel retailer YPF have signed an agreement which will allow consumers to take cash out at gas stations in the Buenos Aires region, cities from the Atlantic Coast and other central towns.

Last update:

Through the Extracash service, those who pay fuel purchases with Visa Debit cards will be able to take out 2,000 pesos ($145) in cash without charges, either at the pump or inside the YPF Full gas station.

The deal expands existing partnerships Visa has with other businesses such as Carrefour, Coto or Farmacity.

YPF is Argentina´s leading fuel retailer with a network of 1,500 service stations. It also operates three refineries in the South American country, covering 58% of the national gasoline demand and 60% of diesel. 

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