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Australian watchdog fines gas stations for overcharging

Australia’s Consumer Protection has warned gas stations in Western Australia about overcharging customers after issuing three $1,000 fines.

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Numerous drivers complained to the Australian watchdog about gas stations charging more that the price displayed on FuelWatch or the actual price boards during 2015, reported Perth Now.

Consumer Protection said service stations were not allowed to charge more than the price marked on FuelWatch, displayed on their boards or browsers. Three gas stations in Western Australia were fined with $1,000 for incurring in these malpractices.

“Drivers make petrol purchasing decisions based on this information [on FuelWatch] and shouldn’t arrive at a filling station to find the true cost of fuel is higher than they were led to believe,” said onsumer Protection acting commissioner David Hillyard.

In one of the cases a consumer showed his receipt of 1333.9 cents per litre for diesel from a Framantle gas station, while the FuelWatch portal marked 128.9 cents pl for that day.

WA consumers wishing to report allegations of overcharging or the wrong price displayed can email or call 1300 30 40 54.

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