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PetrolPlaza Payment Special: Make your customers a present of time with the ASIS Automation Payment Systems

ASIS Automation offers its clients state-of-the-art payment systems supported by various automation systems, allowing customers to make payments right at the fuel pump without having to go to the payment points, at a time when the time is increasingly important.

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These systems are essentially based on a process allowing customers to fuel up and pay using their credit cards, loyalty cards, or mobile phones by means of one or more payment terminals installed in the forecourt, without intervention of an attendant.

Various payment systems developed by ASIS Automation are:

  • Payment systems allowing payment with credit card on the fuel pump: This system allows customers to fuel up and pay using the outdoor credit card POS terminals installed on fuel pumps.
  • Payment by cash or credit card inside the filling stations: This system allows customers to fuel up their cars from the fuel pump selected by the system through special software installed on a computer located inside the premises after making payment at the market.
  • Payment on the fuel pump using virtual credit card application: This system allows customers to fuel up their cars by making the payment from the credit card automatically selected by the system among multiple credit cards linked with a loyalty card based on their cash availability, once the customer swipes the loyalty card on a card reader installed on the fuel pump. 
  • Payment by mobile phone: This system allows customer to fuel up their cars using their mobile phones having NFC technology on the mobile phone readers installed on the fuel pumps, and the payment is then charged to the credit card account or the mobile phone bills by the system.

These systems that run reliably and perfectly operate in integration with the ASIS Automation systems. The systems are highly reliable, providing time savings for customers and cost savings for filling stations, and are offered to many distributors and filling stations all around the world with the ASIS Automation warranty.

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