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ampCNG takes over 17 stations

ampCNG, a United States-based company that owns and operates compressed natural gas (CNG) stations for the commercial truck industry, announced that it now fully owns 17 public access CNG stations that were part of the joint venture between the company and another CNG fuel provider Trillium CNG.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

The 17 stations, which will operate under the ampCNG brand, bolster the company’s plans to advance CNG infrastructure in the country and facilitate CNG use among heavy duty fleet trucks, according to the recently appointed ampCNG CEO Grant Zimmerman.

ampCNG, according to, currently operates stations in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee while new projects are under way in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, and California.

“The collaboration with Trillium CNG enabled us to successfully grow our network of CNG stations, and we look forward to working together in our new independent capacities,” added Zimmerman.

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