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English Español Spain: Eroski seeks to boost supermarket sales by opening 19 gas stations

Spanish supermarket chain Eroski will invest €7 million in the construction of 19 gas stations over the next two years, reported El Correo.

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Most of the new gas stations will be built next to an existing Eroski supermarket. The 19 new sites will be located in the regions of País Vasco, Baleares, Cantabria, Cataluña, Navarra and Galicia.

The investment in the fuel retailing segment seeks to boost the sales of the supermarkets. According to the company, opening a gas station increases the sales of the existing supermarket by 4 percent.

By the end of the summer three of the gas stations are to be constructed. Rosa Carabel, General Directos of retailing for Eroski, stated that the company will continue with its policy of setting low fuel prices. 

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