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PetrolPlaza Special Cloud-based solutions: Smart Refuelling — made by Hectronic

In both private and public filling stations, demand is growing for networked system solutions for managing stations to allow operators to access comprehensive information in a timely manner while reducing running costs at the same time.

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SENSOR SYSTEMS Intelligent OptiLevel tank contents management from Hectronic

Hectronic OptiLevel offers innovative tank contents management solutions for both independent filling stations and filling station networks.

PetroLine ATG cloud service

Information about fuel levels and alarms can be accessed online via the PetroLine ATG cloud service — anytime, anywhere. The user management function allows access to assigned stations. Carriers can check fuel levels online, for instance, and decide how they want to organise the next delivery. Information about fuel levels and alarms is sent automatically via email, which makes logistics easier and ensures a consistent supply of fuel.

Keep an eye on your "liquid assets"! With Mineo Controller Touch, the tank data is read by the OptiLevel floatless fill level probes, displayed at the filling station in a user-friendly format and sent to POS systems. The data can be accessed remotely via the Internet.

The solution for filling station networks is Optavias Head Office. All the data from the individual stations is collected at the filling station network's head office. All fuel levels and alarms can be viewed at a glance, while central reporting aids the management of fuel levels.

OptiLevel therefore supports the complete fuel level recording and management process — from the individual tank to the head office of the filling station network.

REFUELLING Innovative system solutions for modern filling station management — whether for company, fleet or public filling stations

"Software as a service"

The HecPoll filling station management software provides end-to-end modern filling station organisation in a single software package. It is giving exclusive insight into our software development. The HecPoll software offers communications and analysis in one. It covers the whole spectrum of modern filling station organisation.Through this development, we are responding to the ever-increasing demand for software services and hosted systems.

FleetNet is a software-based service that enables an increasing number of fleet cards to be accepted, thereby increasing fuel sales at your filling station without incurring excessive costs. A particularly attractive feature for issuers of station and fleet cards is the mutual acceptance of cards, which we map out in FleetNet, increasing each partner's reach and thereby enabling higher sales.

The web-based PetroLine software allows you to monitor your entire filling station network. Status reports are recorded in real time and enable the technical monitoring of filling stations from anywhere in the world. As well as being able to view your tank filling network on a clear web interface, you and your service personnel can receive status reports via email or as a push notification on the PetroLine app installed on your smartphone. This allows work to be coordinated and reduces downtime.


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