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Conveying corporate identity internally and externally is multi-faceted: ranging from façades, canopies and totems to interior design, store fittings and signage.

No matter how multi-faceted corporate architecture is, the challenge facing companies, and the architectural offices and design agencies they commission, is sustainable implementation. Communicating brand values and the associated lifestyle over an extended period of time and all around the world is corporate architecture’s task. It must respond with holistic and integrative answers on ecological, economic and social questions.

Working closely with you, we have been dealing with these issues by offering a complete range of products for your CID-programme, from composite sheets through to rigid sheet material.

ALUCOBOND®, DIBOND®, ALUCOBOND®design, DIBOND®design, FOREX®, SMART-X®, KAPA®, KAPA®tech, DISPA®, CRYLUX™, LUMEX® and POLYCASA Lenticular® stand for long-lasting colour fidelity and brilliance, excellent dimensional stability, easy processing and cost effectiveness. Giving you scope to implement your creative ideas.


Original ALUCOBOND® has been one of the most successful image building corporate architecture materials worldwide since 1969. Used for applications such as cladding, totems or canopies, ALUCOBOND® offers architects and designers unlimited freedom for creative, innovative and individual planning. Thanks to the huge colour- and surface variety, availability in every company-specific colour, colour brilliance and guaranteed durability ALUCOBOND® is the premium product for a uniform worldwide brand presence.

ALUCOBOND® has been used to create unique projects communicating values, reference points and experiences in a three-dimensional, spatial and emotional manner. At the same time, it offers sustainability and cost-efficiency at an affordable price.


DIBOND® was specially developed as the world’s first aluminium composite material for the display and signage markets: ranging from CI-signage, shop-fronts, canopies, totems, interior signage and shop fitting applications. With the wide range of high-quality surfaces, easy processing and longevity, DIBOND® provides the liberty you need for communicating your company’s unique identity.

This means you can create the ideal atmosphere for successful customer communication and a  unique, integrated design, one that conveys your brand value to customers.


With individual décor surfaces ALUCOBOND®design and DIBOND®design accentuate indoor and outdoor applications such as façades, entrance portals and lobbies, canopies, façade strips, totems and pylons. New generation surfaces means architects and designers are able to create their own individual designs and yet retain the advantages and quality of tried and trusted materials. Individual décors, designed to suit customers’ needs, can be produced on request. Due to the high flexibility
and the quick realization, small lot sizes are also feasible. The decor effect can also be visualized using a simulation of your building project, at your request.

Additionally, an exemplary design collection has been created in corporation with a design studio, which shows the range of options with ALUCOBOND®design and DIBOND®design in different surface categories: Art / Fashion, 3D effect, Stone/Natura, Carbon, Concrete or Wood effect. The 3D effect and additional colour depth is pivotal in making every single decor so convincing.


FOREX® has been synonymous with white, fine rigid PVC foam sheets for more than 30 years. The homogeneous cell structure and the semi-gloss surfaces make FOREX® the ideal material for use in signage, exhibition and furniture design, shop fitting, interior design, POS / POP, displays and other design applications. Available in three versions, the FOREX® product range provides a high-class and CD-compliant appearance.

While FOREX®classic can be formed easily, even into three-dimensional objects, brilliant white FOREX®print has been specially designed for direct digital printing and provides brilliant printing results for decorative applications. FOREX®color rounds off the FOREX® product family with a selection of nine vibrant colours. As the colouring of the rigid foam sheet is uniform throughout, it offers optimum colour consistency and the same colour can be seen from every possible angle.


SMART-X® is a lightweight completely moisture-resistant, all-plastic material with UV and weather resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS) surfaces and a core of expanded polystyrene. These  characteristics mean SMART-X® is the world’s only lightweight foam board which does not substantially discolour in external applications over a period of up to two years.

Due to its refined surface structure and large format production (up to 2 metres in width) SMART-X® is also perfectly suited for flat laminating and printing e. g. promotional signage, Event-Marketing, displays at the POS/POP and shop window decoration.


For more than 40 years KAPA® has been synonymous with lightweight foam boards with a polyurethane foam core and individual paper surfaces. The optimally coordinated assortment of different surfaces is designed to suit the complete range of indoor-applications in visual communication. As a result, KAPA® is suitable for window displays, interior decoration and all kinds of POS/POP applications.

The innovative surfaces include KAPA®bright with brilliant white cover layers and a brilliant white core, KAPA®tex the lightweight foam board in canvas optic that adds additional visual depth to prints as well as KAPA®line and KAPA®plast, which are also available in a width of two metres.


KAPA®tech is the latest addition to the KAPA® family. Its unique composition of a polyurethane foam core and aluminium skins combines lightness with rigidity. KAPA®tech qualifies as Euro class B in the European Fire Classification System; making it the very first KAPA® board in the category „difficult to ignite”.

This means KAPA®tech ranks high as an ideal material for a wide range of applications: for insulation or ceiling construction, as a base for furniture construction, for shop-fitting or exhibition stand construction, as a retail POS/POP, for classical visual communication and also for three-dimensional applications.

The aluminium skins are also optimal substrates for screen or digital printing. KAPA®tech is perfectly suited for coating e.g. using genuine wood veneers, HPL or décor film. The result is a featherweight combination with an authentic surface.


Thanks to its high transparency, durability and UV stability, acrylic glass is the perfect choice when looks are what counts. CRYLUX™ is a plastic sheet which is a clear winner when it comes to visual impact. Made from cast polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), it is exactly right for a wide range of purposes: corporate signage, shop-fitting, the building industry or individual pieces of furniture. CRYLUX™’s perfect clarity is ideal for display applications; its vibrant colours for visual communication. Easily processed using most processing techniques, it offers scope for aesthetic

The spectrum of colours ranges from special gloss grades (CRYLUX™ Argenta) to vibrant, fluorescent colours (CRYLUX™ Neon) and anti-reflective, matt surfaces (CRYLUX™ Design). There is a wide choice of colours available opaque, opal, transparent and translucent versions. Customised colours can be produced on request.

In addition, there are a variety of product versions manufactured to suit the special needs of individual applications: CRYLUX™ Beauté with increased chemical resistance, CRYLUX™ Anti-Bacteria with anti-microbial and fungicide protection as well as CRYLUX™ Lumina, Optima and Vision, specially designed for use with LED lighting or as a projection screen.

The material is not only available as sheets but also in blocks of up to 100 mm thickness.


LUMEX® stands for immaculate extruded transparent and translucent A-PET and PET-G thermoplastic polyester sheets. LUMEX® A (A-PET) is ideally suited to both flat and curved applications. It ensures excellent printing results with UV-resistant inks, is classed „difficult to ignite” and suitable for use with foodstuffs. Due to its high chemical resistance to cleaning products, mineral oils and solvents, its field of application is even greater. It provides high impact resistance and optimal weather-resistance.

LUMEX® G (PET-G) is the top choice for applications in the area of thermoforming and hot forming. The sheets provide enhanced qualities when thermoformed as crystallisation does not occur. LUMEX® G does not require pre-drying before vacuum forming, making for a much quicker process. In comparison with traditional, transparent materials, high contour accuracy is achieved even when processing at lower temperatures.

LUMEX® G sheets are classed in fire safety standards as „difficult to ignite”, suitable for use with foodstuffs and very impact-resistant. The sheets are an ideal substrate for printing with UV-resistant inks and easy and practical to process. Bonding with solvent-based adhesives is an additional factor in making processing simpler.


POLYCASA Lenticular® makes your products stand out by bringing images to life and leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Lenticular is a range of extruded Polyethyleneterephthalate Glycol (PETG) sheets specially created for lenticular use. This dynamic technology offers unique opportunities to create dramatic multi-imaging visual effects. These include: creating before and after images; making logos or images leap from the page; presenting animation or action video sequences; adding 3D to graphics or typography and seamlessly changing one image into a completely different one by morphing. Lenticular comes in four qualities: 20 LPI, 60 LPI, 75 LPI and 100 LPI, making it suitable for all kinds of standard and special format applications. It is ideal for promotional, packaging and POS/POP display purposes.

Strict quality control and stable production conditions are vital for the production of Lenticular sheet. We focus attention on the key quality criteria of dimensional accuracy, perfectly rectangular sheets and stable flatness.

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