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Wayne offers 70+ Year of experience in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

With more than 70 years of experience offering CNG solutions to customers worldwide Wayne Fueling Systems now reached another milestone with the implementation of CNG to Wayne Helix family of fuel dispensers. CNG is offered in Helix 6000 both as standalone and back to back, for multi fuel stations.

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Consumers have more choices now than ever before when it comes to clean and efficient vehicles. Although gasoline still dominates, new hybrid technologies, alternative fuel vehicles, and advanced emission control systems allow the cars we drive today to be significantly cleaner. Countries throughout the world are investigating and implementing legislation to promote the use of alternative fuels. The automotive industry is adapting to these changes by offering retailers new revenue possibilities as these technologies become ever more popular, creating the need for an infrastructure to support it. CNG is one alternative and is increasingly used in many regions around the world.

 As consumers look to take advantage of these cleaner alternatives, they often enter into a very different fueling process than what they are used to with conventional fuels. 

 “Wayne Fueling Systems strives to make the fueling process as smooth as possible, says Lise-Lotte Nordholm, director global dispenser products and continues. Every part, from exterior frame to internal component, of the dispenser is carefully thought through and validated by extensive market research. Resulting in a clear and intuitive user interface, alongside with nozzles positioned at a convenient height with clear separation from the displays. Motorists’ behavior is key, there is no reason for them to change just because they change fuel. Conventional fuel or alternative fuel, it doesn´t matter, the flexible Helix family supports alternative energy such as CNG in the same user friendly design allowing the consumer to feel just as confident when filling up their vehicle with CNG.”

To simplify for the station owners Wayne offer CNG in the multiproduct Helix 6000 frame, both as standalone and in combination with up to 4 conventional fuel grades. So regardless of station type or need there is a Helix that fit.

 Wayne Helix 6000 CNG at a glance:

  • Designed to highest level of security standards
  • High performance meter
  • Low temperature version -40°C
  • Same components but different size to meet requirement for:
    • Cars / Minivans
    • Buses / Trucks / Fleet
    • 1/2/3 pressure banks
  • Wide range of options
    • Self service
    • ATC
    • iX Media        

Wayne also like to make life easier for our service technicians and maintenance providers around the world, and the familiarity in global Helix components of course helps.  

That’s Helix making sure that everyone’s covered for a safe, efficient and user friendly CNG experience on site.  And, Helix can do the same for liquefied petroleum gas, ethanol and biodiesel blends, and AdBlue® additives.

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