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„All-In Carwash“ the opening of a wash centre of the highest quality in the Netherlands

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The small, quiet town  in the middle of the Netherlands offers an unprecedented wash experience for its inhabitants.  On an area of more than 3,000 square metres, an indoor washing care oasis of the highest standard was created for discerning customers.

On account of the many innovative details of an Express-wash tunnel concept from Christ, The Verkoelen gentlemen decided to go for the new Evolution-all-round washing system EVO-4 with direct drives.

The conceptual high-performance washing tunnel was designed for a 52-metre long double strand chain type 360 (up to 360 mm tire width) with rim protection caps.

An express high-pressure pre-wash area, using a JD-JETSTREAM and HD-MATRIX, including an upstream FOAM-WALL, ensures optimum dirt release.  This is placed as a lava foam with LED lighting in an effective and captivating manner.

The textile car wash is carried out by means of the effective, mechanically-pneumatic high-performance all round washers EVO-4 with an over-centre lifting axle.  In addition to the thorough washing, a complete PROTECT-SHINE polish with a separate application and roller station is also part of the complete vehicle care.  This gives the lacklustre lacquer a new depth of shine.

The ALPINE WAX preservation area is followed by a high-performance blower area with an AEROPRO pre-dryer and an AEROFLEX-1 main blower equipped with energy-efficient Greenline fans.  To ensure that the last microbeads are reached, the Verkoelen gentlemen opted for a textile re-drying with 3 brushes, which is included in every vehicle wash. The rear EVO-4 rollers were also installed as vertical drying rollers.  These provide a spectacular rear finish.

Next to the wash tunnel is also a VARIUS roll-over wash unit in operation.  With a drive-through height of 3.15m and a throughput width of 2.7m, it is excellently suited for larger vehicles such as vans and people-carriers.  Again, no compromises were made in terms of quality.  This portal system also offers high-quality vehicle washings thanks to direct drives, all-round high-pressure and many other innovative features.

The quality of wash chemicals is also very high.  The newly-developed premium product line from Christ Car Care is used.

Watch a film of the plant

 Alexander Fusz / Export Manager

Andreas Ginnow / Sales Manager, Plant Construction & Car Care

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