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New series of fuel measurement systems: MZ 6100 M2

Scheidt&Bachmann Tubs Ltd. is producing and servicing equipment for petrol stations. In the domain of forecourt solutions, we present our new generation of dispensers, the MZ 6100 M2.

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New series of fuel measurement systems: MZ 6100 M2

Technical characteristics:

  • New compact display head with side doors
  • New hose retraction with ATEX expander
  • New stage II vapor recovery & monitoring system
  • Stainless steel panels for maximum protection
  • New T30 computer 
  • Dispensing capacity: 45, 75, 130 l/min
  • Operating conditions: -30 up to +40 C
  • Measurement error tolerance: MID +/- 0,5% (+/- 0,25%)
  • Housing(frame): Euro design
  • Hydraulics: monoblock MB80 for 45 and 75l/min capacity
  •  Four-piston S&B flowmeters with integrated pulse generator in 3 sizes according to dispensing capacity KM250 for 45 l/min, KM0 for 75 l/min, KMI for 130 l/min
  • Dispensing hose and nozzles: Elaflex
  • Motor: el.motor 0,75 kw; 1,5 kw
  • Power moduls: L3/2, L5/2 with remote motor control, el.-magnetic valves
  • Display: LED (back lighted LCD)17 digits programmable displays: 6 digits for total price, 6 for released quantity of fuel, and 5 digits for unit price
  • Optional: PRE-SET keyboard, signal lamps (red or green), LPG unit, heater for T30 computer.


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