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Wayne receives PIN transaction security 4.1 certification

Wayne Fueling System has obtained the Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS) version 4.1 certification for its iX Pay secure payment solution.

Last update:

The PCI PTS received by Wayne for Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) keypad devices will be used for its iX Pay payment solution that counters sophisticated data fraud methods.

The PCI PTS 4.1-compliant iX Pay secure payment solution helps protect consumers and retailers from modern data fraud methods. It also provides equipment investment protection by offering compliance through 2023 and beyond.

Wayne´s iX Pay secure payment module (SPM) keypad first achieved PCI certification back in 2007 as the world’s first device meeting the PTS 2.0 requirements, and again in 2010 as the world’s first PTS 3.0 certified device.

“The longevity of the iX Pay secure payment solution to meet ever increasing requirements illustrates the commitment Wayne has to helping petroleum retailers protect their customers and businesses from payment card fraud on their forecourt,” said Bill Reichhold, Vice President and General Manager of North America for DFS.

The latest PTS certification sets the foundation for the SPM keypad to be part of Wayne's forthcoming PCI point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution on the iX Pay platform introduced nearly 10 years ago. The PCI PTS 2.0 will expire in April 2017, while the end date for the PCI PTS 3.0 is 2020.

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