English Español Mexico: Pemex to allow double brands at stations

Fuel stations in Mexico will now be able to have a private logo alongside that of Pemex.

Last update:

The next step in the liberalization of the fuel retailing sector in Mexico will be gas stations with two brands, the private company operating the site and state-owned Pemex.

Carlos Murrieta Cummings, director general of Pemex Transformación Industrial (Pemex TRI) and responsible for the fuelling segment of the company, illustrated the new option with the example of Costco: “I don´t want to mention any big retailers. If Costco installs fuel stations at all its stores with the Costco-Pemex logo, we would agree to that,” said Murrieta.

Although duel branding will be allowed, it will still be forbidden to sell fuel from two different distributors. 

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