Leighton O'Brien adds new distributor for the U.S.

Oscar W. Larson Company (OWL) has signed a distribution agreement for Leighton O'Brien's patented fuel cleaning and polishing services.

Last update:

OWL, a company known for installation, service and equipment distribution has become Leighton O´Briend´s latest distributor of fuel cleaning technology.

The fuel cleaning and polishing services will officially launch on February 27. OWL will deliver Leighton O’Brien’s fuel cleaning and polishing technology to its clients.

“Fuel cleaning and polishing fits within our existing service business and will increase revenue and differentiate our service offering,” said Charlie Burns, President of Oscar W. Larson Company.

The U.S. has become Leighton O´Brien´s biggest market for fuel cleaning and polishing products. The company now cleans more than 2,500 tanks globally, according to CEO Reed Leighton. 

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