Morocco: Shell installs first Adblue bulk dispenser in Africa

A Shell gas station in Morocco now has Africa's first retail Adblue bulk installation.

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Last week the biggest Shell gas station in Africa, located near Casablanca, installed the first Adblue bulk dispenser in the continent.

This installation is the result of cooperation between Blue1, a key player concerning adblue bulk installations in Europe, and Ademag, which is the exclusive Moroccan distributor for Wayne Fueling Systems.

“All Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles that aren´t used in Europe anymore are normally exported to Africa and Eastern parts of Europe. With more SCR vehicles on the road we expect a growing demand for Adblue,” says Vincent Delmez, General Manager of Blue1.

The new dispenser will allow customers to fill up their SCR vehicles in bulk instead of IBCs and canisters.  The delivery and installation is a milestone for Blue1, Ademag and Shell, which are looking forward to further expand their Adblue activities on the African continent.

“Last week we opened the first installation at the Shell station. Together with our partners we plan to enter other African markets starting from Morocco,” adds Delmez.

Blue1 is a company from Belgium that has been in the Adblue business for gas stations and transport companies for over 10 years. 

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