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Otto Christ AG at the Tankstelle und Mittelstand trade fair in Münster 2017

The sector's largest national trade fair for the gas station service centre is being held on 10th and 11th May 2017 in Münster. 298 exhibitors will be presenting the latest innovations in 5 halls. On our stand, we will be showing you how Christ can not only meet all vehicle wash demands but, as a leading innovator, also offers solutions ensuring sustainable commercial success for investors, and which are unique on the market.

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An overview of our exhibits:

  • PRIMUS and VARIO rollover wash units
  • Wash tunnels LED foam arch with foam wall and AIR-FIT fragrance dispenser
  • FOAM SPLASH foam wall
  • WHEEL MASTER 4D wheel washer
  • Innovative DIRECT DRIVE
  • Wash bay foam pistol XXL BUBBLEGUN
  • Christ CAR CARE innovations

Under the banner 'Christ – The Real Car Wash Factory' the latest vehicle wash solutions will be presented to a wide audience. Customers will get an impressive demonstration of how Christ, as a leading innovator, offers unique solutions for a successful wash business. This means a focus on: simple equipment operation, improved washing and drying performance, low operating costs, the wash experience for the end user, direct provision and service in the chemical sector and faster, more cost-effective customer service.

Our innovations:

WHEEL MASTER 4D wheel washer 

The Christ wheel wash system, tried and tested over several years, has received a considerable overhaul to meet future requirements in wheel washing, without cutting corners in terms of durability and reliability.

The large variations in wheel sizes and axle heights between small cars and SUVs have not been sufficiently covered by previous wheel wash systems. 

The threefold height adjustment on the wheel washer and simultaneous use of the traction drive on the rollover wash unit can now offer a more intensive wash, covering a maximum surface area depending on the detected wheel diameter. 

The wheel diameter is detected using a specially designed sensor unit on the vehicle. The WHEEL MASTER is now controlled using individually detected axle height and wheel diameter.

It uses:

  • Optimum wheel wash result for all wheel sizes
  • 4D technology with 3 working axes & mobility
  • Continuation of tried and tested wheel wash system
  • High-pressure pre-wash with inclined wheel washed discs



XXL foam curtain

This facility turns the foam application into a customer magnet.

The full surface application is provided via a mobile spray tube in the head of the wash unit with drip tray and foam generator. The application is also activated via an LED lighting console in the gallery and becomes a multicoloured experience.

During the development phase, the focus was on ensuring that two important points are covered during the application process.

The foam application must not extend wash times compared to the previous system. This was achieved successfully thanks to the special tube. The rollover wash unit does not have an extended wash time with this optional fitting and achieves the same capacity as previously.

Contour-following systems require more time for this because the lifting/lowering times and scan times need to be included.

The large width of the spray tube also means very wide vehicles such as off-road vehicles can be fully covered from above. This means that the material consumption with FOAM SPLASH remains low.

FOAM SPLASH with the very narrow spray distance creates an optically ideal visible foam curtain, actively perceived by wash customers. The adjusted delivery and special foam consistency also makes this system relatively insensitive to wind. Otherwise, this could restrict function in the autumn with open doors.

It uses:

  • New wash experience for customers
  • Foam application over the entire vehicle width
  • Faster overflow without capacity loss
  • No dripping during the drying process
  • Insensitive to wind



Variable high performance roof fans

In order to improve the drying performance in the rollover wash unit still further, the TURBO DRY option was developed as a variable drying system. This not only provides more performance for fan drying, but intelligently controls this performance. This means the TURBO DRY option can control fan performance in three levels.

Easy dry vehicle surfaces such as the engine hood and vehicle roof are dried in the 'ECO DRY' mode.

Vehicle areas requiring higher drying performance are dried in the 'OPTI-DRY' mode. Here, fan performance is increased in order to remove residual water more effectively.

Vehicle drying is complex to the front and rear of the vehicle because a lot of residual water can gather here. Maximum fan performance is utilised in the 'TURBO DRY' mode. This is approx. 30% higher than a standard fan. Residual water is removed with particular efficiency.

Operators looking to set themselves apart in the drying experience with a PREMIUM drying service need look no further than the TURBO DRY option.

It uses:

  • Improved drying to the front and rear of the vehicle
  • Intelligent control based on vehicle contours
  • Reduced programme running times, greater capacity, increased sales & revenue



Super foam pistol for 3 wash programmes

The 'XXL foam' additional wash programme, having enjoyed years of success in the Christ wash bay, has now received a considerable overhaul.

The new XXL BUBBLEGUN super foam pistol brings the customer a perfect foam formation and handling is child's play.

The customer can now use the super foam pistol in 3 wash programmes: Foam pre-wash, Foam polish, Foam wax.

This makes the self-service wash bay system more attractive and increases the average wash price.

In terms of operating costs, the new lance and specially adapted process technology reduce water and chemical product consumption considerably.

It uses: 

  • Excellent foam formation for maximum customer retention
  • Up to 75% less freshwater consumption and up to 50% less chemical consumption compared to standard foam lance systems
  • More attractive wash programmes and higher average wash price

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AIR-FIT Fragrance dispenser system

Fragrance and freshness for your unit

Fresh fragrance is synonymous with cleanliness & a recognition factor. A special fragrance concept is therefore a central marketing component for vehicle washes.

With the pneumatic fragrance dispenser AIR-FIT from Christ, the washing bay/wash centre or self-service wash bay can be scented as desired.

The dispenser can either be activated by the car wash system, a time switch or manually. Compressed air and power supply is required on site for the AIR-FIT. If activation is required through the wash unit, a control signal is required on the connection point on site.

The spray duration and intensity are adjustable as desired. For a spray interval of one second, 1 L is enough for approx. 8000 spray actions depending on the set pressure.

AIR-FIT fragrance concentrates from Christ Car Care are  available in practical interchangeable bottles and also in refill canisters.

The following fragrances are available:

  • AIR-FIT Alpine
  • AIR-FIT Cocoloco
  • AIR-FIT Wintertime
  • AIR-FIT Fruit
  • AIR-FIT Lemonkick
  • AIR-FIT Flower
  • AIR-FIT Sunrise


QUICK&BRIGHT shop product range

The ideal additional business in the shop and wash centre 

The new QUICK&BRIGHT shop product range from Christ Car Care has been designed for end users looking to take care of their vehicles inside and out by hand using quality materials.

The product range offers a practical selection of 'Detailing' products:

  • Interior cleaner INTERIOR CLEANER (500 ml spray bottle): For gentle silky cleaning of surfaces in the passenger compartment (e.g. leather, vinyl, plastic).
  • Wheel cleaner gel WHEEL CLEANER (750 ml spray bottle): Powerful product for quick and effective wheel cleaning and rust film removal.
  • Insect remover INSECT REMOVER (750 ml spray bottle): Alkaline special cleaner for effectively dissolving insects, chitin and pollen.
  • Glass cleaner GLASS CLEANER (750 ml spray bottle): This car windscreen cleaner removes diverse grime, such as grease, silicone, washing residues.
  • After treatment cleaner FINISH SPRAY (500 ml spray bottle): Silicone-free finishing cleaner for light soiling such as dust, fingerprints and water stains.
  • Plastic care PLASTIC CARE (500 ml screw-top bottle): For visibly refreshing weathered plastic surfaces and long-term protection.
  • Odour neutraliser SMELL BLOCKER (500 ml spray bottle): Targeted application in the vehicle interior, for eliminating unpleasant odours.
  • Microfibre cloth (colours available: black, white, blue, yellow, pink, green): For external or interior vehicle care. Ideal for our Quick&Bright Shop products.


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