France unveils first station that produces hydrogen fuel on site

The first French station capable of producing hydrogen on site and refueling vehicles in minutes has been installed in the French commune of Sarreguemines.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

The station contributes to cross-border hydrogen and sustainable mobility with Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and part of the "FaHyence project", which aims to construct multi-energy service station for electric and fuel cell vehicles.

It is the product of two years close collaboration between the French regional inter-community authority Communauté d'agglomération Sarreguemines Confluences (CASC), electricity company EDF Group, hydrogen solutions firm McPhy, and the European Institute for Energy Research. It is owned and operated by CASC.

CASC is supported by McPhy in operating the equipment throughout the project. McPhy also designed, manufactured, and integrated the first hydrogen system in France, combining high energy-efficient electrolyzer with a hydrogen station with a capacity of 40 kg per day.

EDF, through its Grand Est Regional Delegation and its R&D, as well as the EIFER Institute, co-developed the demonstrator and provided their technical expertise to the CASC, states the company release.

The FaHyence project has received funding from the European Union under the HORIZON 2020 program through the Fuels Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking.

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