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New fuel retailer settles in Ethiopian market

Gomeju Oil Ethiopia is the latest company to enter the Ethiopian fuel retailing market.

Last update:

Indigenous petrol company Gomeju Oil Ethiopia has built 24 gas stations across the African country in an effort to offer modern fuelling services. The company has also tried to fill the gap in those territories which suffer from a shortage of gas stations.  

“We want to bring a major change in the industry by delivering high-quality products and services. Our gas stations have the largest storage capacity in the country. If you take the one that we built in Bishoftu town, it can serve 17 vehicles at a time, and has a storage capacity of 900,000 liters of oil,” said Tewodros Yeshiwas, co-founder and managing director of Gomeju.

The clearest example of the shortage of fuel stations in Ethiopia can be found in its capitol city, Addis Ababa, where some 100 gas stations have to serve almost 500,000 vehicles, reports 2 Merkato.

Ethiopia is one of Africa´s most populated countries with a population of almost 100 million. 


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