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SloanLED Announces New Border Tubing & SloanLED Prism Sign Solutions

SloanLED, leaders in LED technology for 60 years, announces the launch of new ColorLINE, FlexiBRITE, and LEDStripe border tubing colors, as well as expansion of the SloanLED Prism line to include High Output and Mini modules.

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This is the company’s largest combined product launch, with a total of 14 new signage solutions. These new SloanLED Prism and border tubing solutions were previewed at ISA International Sign Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, Nv.

“This significant expansion of SloanLED’s sign solutions will brighten brands in a completely new way. The “classic” border tubing colors now remain true to color when unlit during daylight hours—a game changer for maintaining corporate image and brand integrity,” said Ervin Cash, President & CEO of SloanLED. “As SloanLED celebrates 60 years of lighting expertise, our portfolio of light technology options has never been more robust.”

The new line of SloanLED ColorLINE and FlexiBRITE “classic” colors now retain their daytime hue in Ruby Red, Citrus Orange, Noviol Gold, Emerald Green, and Bromo Blue. LEDStripe is now available in Pink, Purple, and True Yellow. The SloanLED Prism line now includes a High Output model in 6500K with 180 lumens per module and a Mini model in 6500K that works in can depths ranging from 2-4 inches. Another SloanLED lighting breakthrough: the science of optical physics combined with decades of sign industry knowledge.

Neon-inspired tubing

Add stunning neon-like appeal aesthetic to any building with this patented LED‑based rigid tubing system. ColorLINE offers our brightest tubing light output, a neon‑like profile, and innovative lit, mitered corners. Completely assembled and sealed tubes are ready for installation.

  • NEW Classic colors retain hue in daytime
  • Slim profile similar to standard neon
  • Neutral frosted white color when non‑illuminated
  • High impact acrylic: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading
  • Can be factory bent to minimum 9.75 inch radius
  • Three lit mitered corner configurations
  • Convenient, weatherproof connectors between sections
  • Can be cut in the field

Flexible LED tubing

Add that “neon look” to any LED‑lit sign with the world’s first completely flexible LED tubing. FlexiBRITE is field bendable making it easy to create an endless array of profiles, contours, and patterns on the fly. Ideal for exterior and interior lighting applications such as sign perimeters, letters, symbols, accent stripes, borders, and open‑face channel letters.

  • NEW Classic colors retain hue in daytime
  • Extremely flexible LED tubing
  • Daytime color for red and neutral for other colors
  • Optically modified silicone extrusion: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading
  • Convenient mounting clips and mounting tracks
  • Can be cut in the field

Large-profile LED tubing

For 20 years LEDStripe® has added lighting elegance and distinction to buildings worldwide. This patented LED‑based rigid tubing system, with its large profile and long runs, has become the border tube system of choice for many retail, restaurant, and lodging chains.

  • NEW colors: Pink, Purple, and True Yellow
  • Daytime color when non‑illuminated
  • High impact acrylic: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading
  • Can be factory bent to minimum 12 inch radius
  • Can be cut in the field
  • Conforms to UL 48 requirements

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