Ryder San Francisco fuelling facility offers 100% renewable Diesel

Ryder System, Inc. has begun to offer renewable diesel fuel at its gas station in San Francisco, California.

Last update:

Commercial fleet management, transport, and supply chain solutions company Rider System is installing its own dispenser of renewable diesel.

Based on production levels and availability of renewable diesel, Ryder will continue to monitor other markets with plans to expand this offering, either through Ryder’s fuelling facilities or its new mobile fuelling solution that provides fuel deliveries directly into parked on customer sites.

“Not to be confused with biodiesel, RD goes through a hydrotreating process instead of a transesterification process through which an ASTM D975 compliant diesel product is created. Therefore, offering a better solution for fuel filters, elastomer seals and components, and storage tanks,” explained Chris Nordh, Ryder Director for Global Fuel Products.

The company has an established North American maintenance and fuelling network with approximately 800 maintenance facilities including 440 diesel fuelling stations.

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