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English Deutsch HecNews - Hectronic Company Magazine Issue 03/17

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HecNews - Hectronic Company Magazine Issue 03/17

In this issue:

  • Controller frenzy in Africa
  • Modern off-street solution for Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
  • New Hectronic offices in Berlin
  • The German capital is happy - more Citeas for Berlin
  • A great result - ever larger numbers of transport companies are placing their trust in Hectronic fuelling technology
  • Hectronic Poland expands their on-street and off-street product portfolio
  • Connection to electric charging station - HecFleet NT revs up at Continental
  • Successful trip to Africa - Petro Forum in Pretoria

What‘s next?

Mining 2017 Indonesia
13th - 16th September 2017
Jakarta, Indonesia

Hectronic Sales Conference 2017
21st - 23rd September 2017
Warsaw, Poland

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