UK to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040

After the French ban last month, it's United Kingdom's turn to prohibit sales of vehicles powered by petroleum or diesel by 2040.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

“We are taking bold action and want nearly every car and van on UK roads to be zero emission by 2050 which is why we’ve committed to investing more than £600m in the development, manufacture and use of ultra-low emission vehicles by 2020,” said Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

The ban, in fact, is part of the UK government's £3 billion comprehensive plan to tackle air pollution, said Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

Poor air quality is considered as the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK, costing the country up to £2.7 billion in lost productivity in 2012, according to a government release.

The UK is also one of 17 European Union countries breaching annual targets for nitrogen dioxide.

The problem, however, is highly localised, which means it would require the involvement of local authorities. Local councils may introduce new measures to address air pollution and may get support through the Clean Air Fund.

A comprehensive Clean Air Strategy will be published next year to address all forms of air pollution.

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