Bulletin Mepsan July 2017

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1. Socar CNG Dispenser Calibration Project Has Been Completed By Mepsan Assurance

The difference between the amount of CNG delivered during the replenishments made from CNG pumps and the amount shown on the pump can cause material losses along with fuel losses during sales.

Socar's station inspection and calibration procedures of the Smartline Series CNG Dispensers, which are classified as Compressed and Liquefied Natural Gas Meters, have been carried out in the past days.

The project realized by Mepsan After Sales  teams has been successfully completed in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology under the supervision of the surveyor.

With the pump calibration service provided by Mepsan after-sales service specialist teams, these sales differences will be eliminated and losses will be prevented.

 Mepsan after sales specialist teams, in Socar's 10 sites, measured the  accuracy of the equipment and executed systematic calibration services with approved products which ensures   eco-friendly, economical and safe Socar CNG dispensers.

2. Mepsan Focus On Customer Satisfaction

Growing rapidly with investments in the last few years, Mepsan has renewed  ISO 10002 certification for the Customer satisfaction management system.

Ibrahim Çelik who is the After-Sales Services Manager of Mepsan, which is a sector leader in Turkey with a quarter-century production power and exports to 66 countries,  makes a statement about the another success of Mepsan. “The core point is to be in constant close contact with the customers through the extensive service and dealer network of Mepsan, and keeping the Customer Focus  within the scope of the Works and projects”.

Pointing  attention to the "Customer Management" approach that they have developed on Customer Orientation, Çelik said that the main objective is to evaluate the customer applications that come to the call center and to develop methods that can use these applications to improve products and services within the company.

"We have direct phone calls to customers within the framework of our work and we have the opportunity to listen to them directly, as well as show our customers the benefits we have given, and we can make clear that there are open areas for improvement by taking lessons from their complaints," Çelik said.

Çelik emphasized that they have been successful in their work with ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction certificates.

With ISO 10002 certification, Mepsan aims to develop customer-focused business philosophy and a customer-focused approach to business processes.

3. Total Decided To Extend The Contract With Mepsan For Industex Series Air Compressors in Preference

With the contract signed as of July, Total Oil Türkiye A.Ş. preferring to use the Industex Series Air Compressors and Lubricant Dispensers.

All Total stations will continue to serve with Mepsan Industex air compressors and Mepsan M Type Electronic Lubricant dispensers.

The Industex series Air Compressors that will serve at the TOTAL stations offer a practical solution to the needs of the station with quick operation, easy operation, long life and cost effective spare parts possibilities.

Industex Electronic Lubricant Dispensers which can fill 3 different types of oil at the same time from the other side offers its users a reliable  and precise oil supply solution that can be used in all kinds of working conditions. The equipment, which can measure very precisely even in very low volumes, can calibrate to varying oil volume in different weather conditions. First shipments to Total stations were completed under the contract.

4. Mepsan Goes With Strong Steps in Global Market

Mepsan continues its successful acceleration in the Latin American markets such as Peru and Chile in the last 1 year, also in the Asia Pacific market, keeping the growth trend and showing a stable stance in the region.

With the sales of LPG dispensers and equipment in Peru, Mepsan achieved a successful increase in the sales of Smartline Series with the superior features of dispensers. After catching up the sufficient success with LPG equipments, MEPSAN has penetrated into the fuel dispenser market, as well in Peru.

Negotiations with the representatives of potential market countries in Asia Pacific area continue. In the coming days, Mepsan will continue to increase the number of distributors with 2 more countries along with the Philippines and Thailand market.

Mepsan aims to continue its growing business volume steadily while expanding its activities in the global market by constantly improving its speed, quality and customer satisfaction in terms of innovation oriented perspective.

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